5 Improvements To the Outdoor Patio That Increase Home Value

For homeowners looking to increase the value of their home, an outdoor patio is right up there as the addition that adds the most value. But simply building a patio won’t cut it. You need to make certain improvements that will make the house sell much more.

Luckily for you, the internet is an amazing place to discover interesting ideas on how to do that. Since you’re reading this article, we will give you the 5 improvements to your outdoor patio that increases the value of your home.

Add A Fire Feature

The first improvement will add plenty of comfort, make the area cozier, and simply looks spectacular. A fire feature is quite possibly the best thing to add to your outdoor patio. Not only will it make your patio the place to be and gather with friends and family, but it adds so much value to the whole property.

The reason why that’s the case is that a fire feature such as a fire pit boots your home’s curb appeal.

Add Sufficient Lighting

While there is a special kind of appeal to lighting a fire in your backyard and enjoying the moment, you will need to add more lighting to the outdoor patio. Luckily, this is one of those improvements that is neither expensive nor difficult to pull out.

You can approach this improvement in a few ways. You can either go the traditional route and lit up candles and place them inside a lamp, or you can install electricity and go for LED lights. Both options are quite cost-effective; especially the latter. But regardless, adding sufficient lighting to the outdoor patio will make it more enjoyable, desirable, and make the occasion that much better.

Increase the Space

If you have lots of room in your backyard, then a great way to make the outdoor patio better is to add more space. This is one improvement that will require more time doing. Not only will you have to match the existing flooring, but it can cost quite a bit. Depending on how much you plan on increasing the space, you can get creative and use the space effectively.

But what you’re getting with this improvement is the ability to welcome more people and host larger dinner parties. With plenty of room for everyone to sit down and enjoy a meal, your outdoor patio will be the place everyone wants to be.

Invest In An Outdoor Kitchen

If you do plan on increasing the space, then one improvement is to invest in an outdoor kitchen. This is the sort of improvement that adds tremendous value to the house. According to this infographic, outdoor kitchens can add an ROI between 100% and 200%.

That might be the sole reason why you should do it. But with an outdoor kitchen, you’re getting soo much more. For starters, it will allow you to prepare outdoor meals. A part of the outdoor kitchen will be a BBQ. So that means you can host BBQ parties outside. Another benefit of installing an outdoor kitchen is that it benefits your well-being. Spending more time outside is obviously beneficial for us. By having the tools and means to stay out and not go inside, your wellbeing will benefit the most.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should do it, but it’s safe to say that an outdoor kitchen greatly increases your home’s curb appeal.

Treat Yourself To New Furniture

This is one of those improvements that make outdoor patios more enjoyable. Without a shadow of a doubt, new furniture will help you get a good deal when selling your house. The simple thought of the buyers sitting in classy chairs, sofas, and similar furniture pieces on a hot summer day is enough to convince them to agree to your price demands.

When looking at what sort of furniture helps you sell the most, the sky is the limit. While there are clever ways to approach the task ahead, you might want to spend more time researching this part. You will also have to get furniture that fits with the space. If you have a smaller space to work with, then don’t invest in outdoor sofas. Instead, look towards chairs, ottomans, and similar furniture pieces.

Regardless, improving the sitting quality of your outdoor patio drastically increases your home’s curb appeal. More so, it sparkles in the eyes of potential buyers.