4 Reasons You Must Hire A Home Inspector When Buying A House

If there is one thing that everyone recommends doing when buying a home is a home inspection. Home inspections are important for several reasons. They’re done by home inspectors, which are professionals that offer an indispensable service.

But if you’re not familiar with the reasons why you must hire a home inspector when buying a house, then this is the article for you. In this article, we will go over the most important reasons why hiring this person will save you money, time, a lot of headaches, as well as, give you an additional negotiating tool.

Reduces Risk

Everyone is aware that buying a home is quite possibly the most expensive purchase that exists. Houses in the US go for as much as $300,000, according to Fool.com.

So when that much money is on the line, the last thing you want is to make a bad purchase. One way to reduce the likelihood of that happening is by going with a home inspector.

A home inspector is tasked with making sure the home is in good shape before you purchase it. But by knowing the state of the house before the purchase, you reduce a big financial risk. A home inspector will tell you exactly how much money you’ll need to invest into your new home.

In most cases, the person will recommend repairs and tell you how much they will cost.

Maintains Confidence

Negotiations can get a bit cagey when large sums of money are involved. And for the average person, this is the largest transaction they’ll make in their life. Naturally, we all want to enter negotiations with a healthy dose of confidence.

A home inspector can help you maintain confidence by giving you the chance to do one final review before closing the deal. If you close the deal without an inspection, then you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Even if the property has plenty of problems like leaking pipes or a leaky roof, you can’t go back on the deal once you sign it.

Without a home inspector, you will never be truly confident that you’re making a good purchase. But if you hire one before buying the house, it gives you enough breathing room and flexibility to cancel the deal if any alarming issue arises.

Everyone knows that sellers would much rather don’t get a home inspector involved, and that is a reason on its own why you should always hire one.

Get An Accurate Estimate Of the Property

Even if a real estate agent will tell you how much the property is realistically worth, there is one thing that they cannot tell you – the accurate value.

What if you’re sold a house worth $350,000 only to uncover underlying issues that would cost you an additional $70,000 to repair? Do you feel you’ve gotten a good deal? – Absolutely not. With a home inspector, you know exactly how much the property is worth. They will perform a series of inspections with the sole purpose of uncovering potential issues.

Home inspections are one of the biggest contingencies in the home buying process. A lot depends on what this person reports back, and that is what you need to get a better deal. If the inspection uncovers plenty of potential issues and costly repairs, then that gives you more bargaining power.

Everyone tries to negotiate with the seller after such an eventful inspection, but not everyone knows how to. It takes serious knowledge to know how to negotiate with a seller after a home inspection. But the key is that you can indeed do that once the home inspector uncovers a leaky roof, bad plumbing, etc.

Protection and Safety

Since the job of a home inspector is to uncover critical information about the property and its systems, it ensures an additional level of protection and safety.

According to this report by WAFB9, most real estate experts warn about skipping the home inspection. Why? Because a home inspection is the only way to make sure you’re buying the right property. These experts know how to uncover safety issues and costly repairs.

The seller isn’t obliged to lower the price or cover the repairs from the inspection. But that does tell you about the sort of person you’re dealing with and the state of the property.

If the results of the inspection come back as unsatisfactory, then you’ll think twice before moving forward with the deal. Your safety and protection are more important than buying a faulty house in a favorable neighborhood.